Elevator Pit Restoration

Elevator Pit Restoration

SEES Inc. has earned your trust for delivering quality elevator equipment, parts and supplies with unparalleled speed, reliability and customer service. Now you can trust America’s best elevator parts company with the job of restoring to ideal pit conditions for the safety of mechanics, the economic benefit of property managers and the health and well-being of all who enter the building. When your elevator pit needs care, go with experience backed by accountability – go with SEES.


Complimentary Inspection Report
Pump-out, Degreasing, Wash down
Sealing of walls to prevent leakage
Painting of pit to floor height
Mold elimination and prevention
Repair of cracks and holes

Air Quality
A dirty elevator pit affects the air you breathe. Sanitize and restore your elevator pit to provide a clean and healthy indoor environment. An elevator is the heart of a building through which all traffic flows–keep it healthy.

• One Year Full Warranty on Materials and Workmanship
• Five Year Limited Warranty included with Annual Cleaning Agreement
• After completion of the work, we will provide a manifest for your records.

We have the equipment to get the job done fast and right while minimizing disruption and inconvenience. Fully equipped trucks with long hoses to access remote areas.