What happens when you jump out of a elevator stuck between floors?

A newspaper delivery man is still alive after suffering a 25-foot fall down an elevator shaft early Thursday when he jumped out of a stuck elevator in a Broadway apartment building, DNAinfo reports.

The man, who is believed to be in his early 40s, was first able to pry the doors of the elevator open before he attempted to jump a four-foot gap between the lobby floor and the bottom of the elevator; he then failed and fell down the shaft, according to the site. The victim has been delivering newspapers to that building for three years and was apparently rushing to meet his wife when the accident happened.

“…I saw him jump out and he lost his balance…He was moaning and groaning, he was asking for help,” Pat RIley, a doorman at the residence told DNAinfo. “I said, ‘I’m coming with a chair,’ I told him to hold on.”

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