We’re always Smooth Sailing at SEES!!

Thank you to everyone who has signed up for an account online! So far we have more accounts than we expected in the first month and things are going great!  We have spent months creating a user friendly database where you can search for parts, get your pricing, and order online plus much much more. We would like for you to know your feedback is extremely important to us and if something isn’t as easy or you think it could be better please send me an email joanna_s@seesinc.com and i will look into what we can do to improve it. If you haven’t signed up for an account i encourage you to, its fast, easy and secure.  Go to  http://www.seesinc.com/Register.php to sign up now!

And while your here listen to some songs and watch some funny videos my favorite is the candid camera elevator the top right video ! watch it now  http://www.seesinc.com/Videos_1.php

If you have any questions concerns or comments please contact me.


Joanna Sickles