Welcome Blog by Andrew Hannah

Welcome to the newly redesigned SEES website which now offers On-Line Purchasing!!!!!!!

Thank you for viewing my blog, as most of you already know and some now know, my name is Andrew Hannah and I am the Sales Manager for the Midwest and Southeast United States.  In addition to traveling to thank customers for your business, I often work with individual branches or companies on what SEES calls “Contract Pricing” to extend greater discounts on your part spend with SEES to grow our businesses together.

I will be posting success stories on how much money I save customers on this blog as well as fun, interested and/or unique short stories about my travels that you as a customer and/or friend may find entertaining.  For example, I was most recently in Indianapolis visiting customers and on my flight home, the airline staff announced that we were all flying with an Olympic Gold Medalist!  How awesome is that!!!!!  What is really interesting is that the young man who won the gold medal for Skeet Shooting was also serving in our armed forces in the Army and was in uniform.  Regardless on ones position about politics and/or war, it made me feel proud and safe to know that it was an American proudly serving our country who brought home the gold in a shooting competition.

I would also like to thank everyone who has been unselfish enough to serve our county through the armed services!

Semper Fi