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  1. Elevator Horror

    Elevators have long inspired terror in people afraid of heights, technology and tight spaces. Realistically, we are far safer in an elevator than we are driving in a car, and as the technology has matured, the chance of any harm becoming us is extraordinarily low. Nevertheless, the possibility of being suspended indefinitely in a tiny,…

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  2. Elevators in the Movies (Part 1)

    Elevators are all around us. They get us where we need to go. They can also make a great plot device or setting for a movie. Cinema is packed with memorable elevator scenes that take our imaginations for a ride. Here is a list of some great elevator scenes to date. Warning: Plot Spoilers The…

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  3. “Elevator” Movie is a Thriller

    If you’re looking for a movie to rent this weekend, try “Elevator,” a suspense thriller which came out in 2011. Nine sophisticated Wall Street party-goers are stuck in an elevator and one has a bomb. Their true colors come out when they will do anything to survive. There is no escape nor promise of rescue,…

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