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  1. The Nation’s First Elevator Museum

    Patrick Carrajat, a retired elevator executive, has opened the nation’s first elevator museum in Long Island City, New York. The 700 square foot facility holds rare artifacts like a steam pressure gauge from the late 19th century, as well as advertising and other elevator-themed curiosities. Carrajat aims to preserve a history he feels is disappearing….

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  2. The History of Elevators

    In this age of modern miracles, it is easy to take technology for granted. Many people do not realize that when they step into an elevator, they are enjoying an invention that has evolved over thousands of years. This Elevating History Timeline includes the most important advances in the science of lifting, from the moving…

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  3. Before There Were Elevators…

    There was the Paternoster. First built in 1884 by the Dartford, England engineering firm of J & E Hall Ltd.,┬áThe Paternoster, or Paternoster lift is similar to that of an escalator. It’s made up of several open compartments designed to carry 1-2 people that travel around a loop within a building without stopping. It travels…

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