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  1. Escalator Commercials

    Enjoy these creative television advertisements featuring escalators. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOUbW2A-e2Q

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  2. SEES Celebrates 150 Blog Entries: How Elevators Work

    We have been on quite a journey through the world of elevators in this blog. We have explored elevator history, news, entertainment and technological developments. But one important aspect of these efficient and ingenious machines that we have not yet covered is how elevators actually work. Today, in celebration of 150 fascinating blog entries, we…

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  3. Sharks at the Bottom of an Escalator?

    This photo has been circulating the web lately with a lot of speculation about whether it’s real or fake. I questioned it myself because it sure does look real! Many people thought it was taken at Kuwait’s Scientific Center, where there is a shark tank, saying that it had collapsed. (Got to love rumors!) In…

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