SUV Falls into Parking Garage Elevator Shaft

Quite a sight to see! Thank God no one was seriously hurt, although two were injured when this SUV, driven by a young parking garage employee, fell down an elevator shaft in NYC. The other injured person was in the elevator at the time of the incident but was able to walk out on his own once the elevator doors opened. A mechanical error, which is still being investigated, allowed the elevator doors to open when the employee was moving the black Lexus RX 350.

The SUV ended up at a steep angle, and firefighters had to remove the employee, who looked in his early 20’s, using the Jaws of Life. He was carried onto a stretcher at 10:25 Tuesday morning with minor injuries. The garage and surrounding block was closed for the remainder of the morning as firefighters had to attach chains to the vehicle to yank it free. It took nearly two hours to remove the vehicle from the shaft.