SEESer Blog Premier

By Verne Fitzgerald

Hi everyone, this is my first BLOG coming from beautiful south Florida, home of SEES. As you can imagine, it is exciting times for us as we enter this new phase and begin our exploration into this world of unlimited information and boundless communication.

SEESers are busy doing last minute planning and programming to bring the SEES site to life. Everyone is focused on the goal of producing a website that provides a simple, secure, swift source of supplies.

My latest project is searching for old photos of the early days at SEES to post on the site. This is tough because we did not take too much time out for photo ops. The early days of SEES began in 1977, when we established our first manufacturing plant and SEES store in Miami. Ah, the good old days of PB&J lunches and splurging on a new tool instead of a night out. Not to say they were not good times, because they definitely were. Maybe even great, but the best day is always the present. That is why I try not to forget that is why it is called the present, every new day is a gift.