Pregnant woman forced to crawl…

When Alysse Litster, who is nine months pregnant and has a bad back, returned from walking her Jack Russell-chihuahua cross Monty last week she was forced to crawl up her apartment building’s stairs to return home because the elevator had not been repaired since it broke Nov. 3.

So she called Bayside Property Services, which took over management of Skyview Apartments on Sixth Avenue across from Moody Park in September, wanting to know when the elevator would be fixed.

“They said we’re working on it and then hung up on me,” said Litster.

Bayside president Linda Creamer told the NewsLeader last Wednesday that an out-of-town part it ordered to fix the elevator had arrived and it was being fixed that day.

But as of Monday it was still out of order.

Litster said she isn’t the only one inconvenienced because there are seniors living on the third floor and parents who take their children out in strollers. It’s almost like a scene out of The Big Bang Theory where the characters constantly walk up and down because the elevator is out of commission.

“I was saying to my husband the other day ‘We’re like them now,’” said Litster.

Because the part had to come from out of town, Bayside wasn’t in a position to give an estimated time of arrival for fixing of the elevator to Litster, said Creamer.
“We want to get it fixed just as much as anybody because it impacts all of our tenants,” said Creamer.

“No one likes to haul groceries up stairs when they’re used to an elevator.”

Tenants in the building normally receive door-to-door postal service, but Canada Post​ is not delivering while the elevator is out.

Litster has also complained about the lack of working lights in the hallways, bed bugs and drug paraphernalia.

“At night time our building is almost pitch black,” said Litster. “The overall cleanliness is pretty disgusting. The stairwells are really dirty. You don’t want to touch the handrails. It’s pretty gross in here.”

Since taking over, Creamer said Bayside has already done a bedbug clean-out, and is working through proper channels to improve the tenants in the building.

“We have some challenges there,” she admitted. “We do clean up the buildings we purchase.”