Man stuck in elevator for 18 hours…

Instead of spending the weekend with family and friends, Nissim Shamayim was stuck in an elevator for 18 hours at the Shatner Center in Jerusalem’s Givat Shaul neighborhood.

“I could hear cars passing by on a nearby street, and I yelled to the point of exhaustion,” recalled Shamayim, 42, who lives in the neighborhood. “Cold air penetrated the elevator door, so it was freezing inside. I tried to sleep, but the cold made it impossible.”

Shamayim, who is in charge of renovations at one of the offices in the center, arrived at the site in the early hours of Saturday morning after remembering that he had forgotten to lock one of the doors. However, a power outage caused the elevator Shamayim was in to stop on the way up, and he could not call for help as his cell phone battery was empty. At 3 am, there was no one around to hear him yell.