Man falls down elevator shaft after being pushed:

LAS VEGAS — A man is hospitalized in critical condition after plunging down an elevator shaft at the Luxor Hotel and Casino over the weekend. Sources tell the I-Team the man, a Nellis serviceman, suffered massive head trauma.

According to metro police, one man shoved the other man causing him to hit an elevator door. The outer door is called the hoistway door and it’s not supposed to open unless the elevator cab door inside the shaft is also open. There is a piece of vinyl at the bottom called a gibb and a steel bracket (Read more about THE SEES ENFORCER and how this could have been prevented) to prevent the door from opening. It is not known if both of those were present at the time of this accident.

When the man’s body hit the elevator door, it forced the hoistway door to swing back. The man fell 20 feet down the shaft, hitting moving cables and machinery along the way.

Metro police are also investigating. So far, they have not pressed charges against the Nellis serviceman involved. MGM Resorts International says they are fully cooperating with investigators and their thoughts go out to the injured serviceman’s family.