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Here are some tips and information on what to do if you are Stalled in an Elevator:
1. Remain Calm:
If the door does not open, you are still safe. Do not try to exit the elevator. Wait for trained emergency personnel to arrive. Even if the air temperature feels warm, there is plenty of air circulating in the elevator and its shaftway.
2. Press the Alarm or Help Button, and Use Any Available Communication Systems:
Push the alarm button and wait for someone to respond to you.
In newer elevators, there will be a HELP button instead of an alarm button this will place a call to a party that is trained to take action (i.e. elevator company, alarm company, etc.). It will give the exact location of the building and elevator you are in. Trained emergency personnel will answer the call for service within several minutes.
Some elevators have a two-way speaker system or telephone that will allow for communication between you and the building or rescue personnel. Do not be alarmed if you cannot be heard or if the phone does not work. Some phones are designed to only receive calls. Trained personnel should call when they arrive at the building.
3. Relax, and DO NOT Try to Extract Yourself from the Elevator:
NEVER try to exit a stalled elevator car. It is extremely dangerous. ALWAYS wait for trained emergency personnel. Your best course of action is to relax, get comfortable, and wait for professional assistance. You may be inconvenienced but you are SAFE.

Your weekly elevator quote of the day: “The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs… one step at a time.”

Have a great day!