Elevator ride for one?

Would you understand if a celebrity and their entourage asked you to take the stairs because they were utilizing the public elevator in the building? Well, that’s exactly what Kirsten Dunst’s people were doing, they were encouraging other residents and guests at a West Hollywood hotel to take the stairs while Kristen Dunst rode the elevator. The Melancholia actress was enjoying a night out at the Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard on Tuesday and clearly felt that her celebrity status had earned her the right to an elevator for one.

Hotel staff blocked off the lift and told other patrons it was because Kirsten Dunst “was going up and down” – making it sound like she was on some kind of joy ride.

“They said nobody else could enter and asked other guests to take the stairs,” a source told theNew York Post.

The newspaper speculates that perhaps Dunst was not even in the lift, and her entourage had commandeered the facility in her name, but that would make the story a lot less interesting.

The Marmont’s literature makes great play of the romance of the hotel, which is modelled on theChateau d’Amboise in the Loire Valley, suggesting that patrons can “sink into the aphrodisiac of the deep couches [or] take your paramour on an elevator ride”.

Such prominence in the hotel’s promotional material must mean the inter-floor transport system is special indeed. Perhaps that explains why Dunst wants to spend all her time in there.