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  1. Underground Bicycle Garage with an Elevator

    Bicycles are a widely used form of transportation in Tokyo, Japan. However, parked bicycles take up a great deal of public space that could otherwise be used for pedestrian foot traffic. A shortage of bicycle parking spaces leads to illegal parking and further congestion. To address this problem, a construction company called Giken has designed…

  2. The Porsche Design Tower: A Residential Skyscraper with Elevators For Your Car

    If you’ve always wanted to park your car on the same floor as your penthouse in the sky, you’re in luck! With the Porsche Design Tower, this will soon be possible. The Porsche Design Tower is a skyscraper designed by Porsche Design Studio. At 650 feet (198 m) with 60 stories, it will become the tallest…

  3. Ten Extreme Skyscrapers And Their Super Fast Elevators

    It seems that skyscrapers are getting taller and taller. Here is a look at 10 skyscrapers which are scheduled to grace skylines around the world by 2020 or before (some are already complete). With each picture is a breakdown of the number of elevators each building is designed to feature, along with their projected speed….

  4. Otherwordly Escalators in a Swedish Subway

    The escalators of the subway system in Stockholm (Sweden) are probably not what you are used to seeing on your daily commute. Many of the city’s stations have a special design that transforms a once bleak underground space into a colorful and charming feast for the eyes. Who wouldn’t want to begin the day on…

  5. Solar-Powered Elevator

    Imagine an elevator that would never get stuck in the event of a power outage. Well, Schindler is designing a solar-powered elevator that will do just that, not to mention reduce energy consumption and be generally awesome. Read more about this collaboration between Schindler and Solar Impulse here.

  6. Hammetschwand Elevator

    The Hammetschwand Lift is the highest exterior elevator of Europe and is located in Switzerland. It connects a spectacular rock path with the lookout point Hammetschwand on the Bürgenstock plateau overlooking Lake Lucerne. The hotel resort Buergenstock located at 847 meters a.s.l. has been a popular vacation spot since 1872. Its attractiveness was enhanced by the spectacular path along the vertical rock face and by an outdoor…

  7. Elevators of Disney

    Check out these photos and videos of elevators from Disney theme parks, resorts and cruise ships.  

  8. Private Car-Lifts

    Having your own residential elevator would be cool, but a private car-lift takes luxury and style to a whole new level. Check out these photos and videos of car-lifts in the homes of the affluent.  

  9. Paternoster lifts

    A paternoster or paternoster lift is a passenger elevator which consists of a chain of open compartments (each usually designed for two persons) that move slowly in a loop up and down inside a building without stopping. Passengers can step on or off at any floor they like. The same technique is also used for filing cabinets to store great amounts of (paper) documents or…

  10. Incline Elevators

    An incline elevator is an elevator that runs on an angle rather than straight up and down. Check out some videos of these fascinating machines.  

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