Art Deco Elevator in museum:

A modular elevator from Modular Elevator Manufacturing, Inc. , provided the ideal vertical transportation solution for the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, California.

The 46,821-square-foot Mullin Automotive Museum is both a private and public museum that features the world’s largest collection of Bugatti and French race cars of the 1930s. The building’s design was inspired by the art deco style of same period, containing furniture, decorative art and photography from the influential era.

In order to open the museum to the public, the building needed to improve its accessibility by adding a versatile elevator system that could be easily placed inside the existing building. A modular elevator from MEM was lifted by a crane through a hole in the roof and installed in the former warehouse.

The elevator rises from the museum’s main floor through the mezzanine to a roof deck and garden. Symmetrical waveform grilles surround the elevator mechanism, symbolic of the art deco style, featuring geometric and vertical characteristics. The elevator tower includes a staircase and doubles as a photo gallery.  The modular elevator contains a commercial factory pre-installed elevator contained in a freestanding structural steel hoistway. The elevator system features state of the art digital controls, a fully-equipped standard elevator car, fully assembled modular hoistway tower constructed from welded tubular steel and is powered by an oil hydraulic machine.

The project was completed in April 2010. In addition to MEM, the project team included Studio of Environmental Architecture, Santa Monica, CA as architect, Interscape Construction, Montrose, CA as general contractor and The Scenic Route, Pacoima, CA for interior design.