Ahoy! from David “Doc” Maltrotti

It seems like I’ve always had a little salt water in my veins. My family is from the coast of Italy, I grew up on the Chesapeake and have lived in Florida over thirty years. I joined SEES almost seven years ago and liked the fit right away. I think our nautical theme, whether by design or not, is just a natural. When you crew a boat, you learn to work together and many times under difficult circumstances, but you rely on your team and sees it through. That’s why I really enjoy being a member of the tech support team. We have great people in production and materials management that make the difficult seem easy. They help me provide the over and above and make a difference everyday. Whether it’s a fit for a SEES product, crossing part numbers for a match, or creating a custom solution for a specific circumstance, our tech support and materials team is number one in finding ways to make it happen. My goal is to put people and products together to get the job done. I like helping people and besides what I do for SEES, I spend a good portion of my free time doing just that.  My philosophy is to leave it better than I found it. I guess that’s how I became the “Doc” as a customer support point man. So if you need that extra effort to chart a course to success, welcome aboard, I’ll help keep your riggings clear,

As always, Smooth Sailin’!