28 Passengers rescued from a stalled elevator:

The YouTube video shows 28 passengers were packed into the elevator at the 181st Street station in Washington Heights for the Number 1 train Friday night.

The elevator’s shaft runs 103 feet from the platform to the street and the passengers were left stranded about halfway through.

The video shows firefighters trying to calm some of the passengers as they lowered a ladder down to get them out one by one.

“I thought it was important for other people to see what happened,” said Isabella Demarco, who took the video.

A second elevator was brought alongside the stalled car, so the rest of the passengers could get out.

“When we had to go from one elevator to the next, witnessing how deep down it was…. I’m afraid of heights,” said Arashi Mesa, one of the stuck passengers.

No one was seriously hurt, but Mesa said the harrowing experience took its toll.

“Definitely someone had an asthma attack and I let her borrow my inhaler,” she said.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials blamed the mishap on a newly-installed hoist rope system, which has since been fixed.

MTA officials said they test-operated the elevator for 24 hours before putting it back in service.

Stairs in the subway station are only used for emergencies.